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The Renewed focus garden


Sussex UK

Landscape design , pool

Website image , garden design

Clean and crisp lines dominate the hard landscaping, and a sense of movement is created from the
feature water rills and sunken planting beds which work in parallel with the architecture and yet soften the
space from all angles.
Key features to note are
- The large rock water feature which throws back to the client’s Scottish roots.
-Also, the steel pinned slats which form a sense of boundary without obstructing the view. These will be
positioned to mirror the curve of the hills in the distance.
- A sheltered modern contemporary courtyard surrounded by Sussex style flint walls and finished with
clay pavers.
-A Simple repeated palette of planting with tall upright grasses mix with perennials which punch colour
throughout. Main structural planting is formed from illex clipped balls and Rosemary
- A ‘hidden’ wildflower walkway which leads away from the house
- Contemporary Polished concrete bench which looks out to the stunning panoramic views

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