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The 3D Gardener is a design & maintenance studio based in Suffolk but works nationwide.

David, a skilled garden designer and visual artist in Suffolk, offers comprehensive 3D design services to clients nationwide. With 13 years of experience and a passion for crafting functional yet beautiful outdoor spaces, I specialize in creating gardens that captivate the eye and nourish the soul. ​

My rural upbringing and love for gardening, fostered by my parents, ignited my lifelong affinity for nature and design. Following my heart, I pursued a Garden Design Diploma at Otley College in Suffolk and continually hone my skills through ongoing education.

Inspired by my time in Berlin, I founded The3DGardener, merging my passions for design, 3D visualization, and gardens. ​ Driven by a desire to give back, I actively engage in community projects, sharing my expertise to enhance public spaces and foster a deeper connection to nature.


My own garden serves as a personal sanctuary, reinforcing my belief in the transformative power of outdoor environments. Through my work, I aim to spread this sense of peace and joy to others, enriching lives and communities alike.


David Negus

Creative Director

 With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating unforgettable outdoor spaces, David specializes in designing gardens that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

My garden ethos is centered around making design accessible to all. While i take pride in my work for high-end clients and commercial projects, Im equally passionate about undertaking low-budget and community initiatives where resources are tight.
By embracing a diverse range of projects, i ensure that everyone has the opportunity to experience the transformative power of well-designed outdoor spaces. From luxurious estates to revitalized community areas, i strive to create meaningful environments that enrich lives, regardless of budget constraints. This commitment to inclusivity and sustainability drives my creativity and sets me apart in the industry.


the ethos

"A fantastic, industrial inspired garden with lots of wonderful ideas that can be recreated at home. Truly inspirational with great use of raw, honest materials, planting and clever details.  I look forward to seeing more of David’s show gardens in the future"


Kerrie Gardiner,  Show Garden Manager, Bord Bia Bloom
(Secretary to BBC GWL Garden Judging Panel)



Kerrie Gardiner CMLI

Landscape Architect


Gardiner & Foenander Landscape Consultants

Kerrie Gardiner

Judge and industry expert

"A fantastic designer to work with when trying to create a new garden. David has the experience and ability to create the most amazing designs from whatever brief you send him. He is also excellent at understanding the cost implications of the design and can modify to budget..”
“Dave's decades of experience has paid dividends with his construction knowledge and understanding of a well built garden”

Ross Conquest  – Founder/Managing Director

Client Review

Greener growth CIC

Commercial & Charity partnerships

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