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Full Garden Design

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Elevate your outdoor space with David's comprehensive garden design package. Based in Suffolk and serving clients nationwide, David offers a full-service experience, from initial consultation to final installation.

 Catering to a diverse range of clients, from new builds to expansive estates, he blends artistic vision with horticultural expertise to create personalized, sustainable landscapes. With attention to every detail, David ensures your garden flourishes year-round, reflecting your unique style and needs. Transform your garden into a stunning sanctuary.


Concept Design Package

When the budget is tight

Our concept design package is perfect when full details aren't needed, and budget is the primary concern. This package includes an initial consultation and site visit to understand your needs and assess the space. We then create a simplified concept design in 2D and 3D, focusing on the overall layout rather than intricate details. Mood boards are provided to give a sense of the desired look. This streamlined approach ensures you receive a beautiful, functional garden design that meets your budget requirements.


Planting Plan and/or maintenance

Tailored to your floral needs

Our planting and maintenance-only service is designed for those who need expert assistance in selecting and caring for plants. We start with a consultation to understand your garden's conditions and your preferences. We then provide a tailored planting plan, detailing the best plants for your space and how to place them for maximum impact. Once the plants are installed, we offer a comprehensive maintenance schedule, ensuring your garden remains vibrant and healthy throughout the seasons. Whether you're looking to refresh an existing garden or create a new planting scheme, our service ensures your outdoor space thrives with minimal effort on your part.

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 "Seeing our garden in 3D before the first shovel hit the ground was a game-changer. Absolutely recommend!"

"Incredible attention to detail. The 3D visuals were stunning and the final garden even more so!"

"The blend of traditional aesthetics with cutting-edge 3D design made all the difference. Truly exceptional service."

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