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When is the best time of year to have my garden designed?

As soon as possible!  I currently have a waiting list and contractors can be booked up at least 6months in advance.  Bear in mind that a realistic turnaround from starting design-work to completion on the average build is at least 9months depending on the size of the build.

To join the waiting list, simply complete the Questionnaire 

How long will it take to have my garden designed?

Approx. 1-2 months(minimum)...The concept design is usually presented 5-6 weeks after the survey.  Amendments are completed asap, usually within 2weeks.  Then onto the planting plan.  Quick client feedback helps speed up this process.  If you require a quick turnaround please let me know as I can sometimes rearrange my schedule to suit.

How much will my new garden cost?

As with any construction work it depends on what you want to achieve, the materials chosen and your brief but as a rough guide...expect to spend 10% of the value of your property on your garden.

If you have an expansive garden of many acres or a compact courtyard this can affect the above advice.


Please always provide your budget, otherwise the design process can become very disjointed.

How much is a garden design?

Every garden is different and I provide a fixed fee quote based on the scope of work and time involved: your brief, size of garden and the complexity of the elements requested.  

I provide a bespoke quote for each project !

Tight on budget ? A Concept design might be for you ! Check out details here

Will a new garden add value to my property?

They say a well designed and maintained garden can add 20% to your property's value.

Can we phase our garden build?

Yes, this is a good way to spread the cost over a timescale to suit you.  Once you have the design, the contractors can quote for various phases or you can tackle some of the work yourselves.

Can you put us in touch with good landscapers to build the garden?

Yes, I can recommend several landscape contractors who can provide a quote for the garden build and planting.  

(Please note, I have no control over their schedules or admin processes.)

Can we just have the garden design, we want to design the planting ourselves so won't need that part of your service?

That's no problem, I can tailor my service to suit you.

When is the best time to plant?

Planting can be done all year round as long as the ground isn't frozen.  I would advise against planting in very hot, dry periods though purely based on maintenance needs during those times. 

Between November - March is best for planting deciduous trees and hedging, when they are dormant. They are also much cheaper during those months as they can be sourced in their bare root or root-balled form.

Can you help us find mature trees and special features, eg. sculptures and water features?

Yes I love finding specimen trees and features! I have built up lots of contacts within the industry over several years so can make good use of these for you. 

Can you give us a guide to how long a whole project could take, ie. from design to build/completion

All projects are different and it depends on how booked up myself (I sometimes have a waiting list) and contractors are.  A quick turnaround would be 6months...but a more realistic one is from 9months.  A recent very large project has taken 2 years...and is still ongoing with planting to follow next year.  

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